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ION FIZ receives the " SPANISH COUTURE 2019 AWARD " to his career


ION FIZ founded his own fashion house in 2002 at the age of 24; since then, he has received relevant prizes including the L’Oreal Paris Cibeles, the Prix de la Mode Marie Claire, the Fad Award or the Golden Thimble for Best Designer. In 2012, he celebrated its 10th anniversary in the world of fashion with a collection of High Couture with 30 creations entitled “FIZISSIMO” and presented with a big presentation in style at an amazing fashion show at the Guggenheim Museum. FIZ closed the celebration of its anniversary with a workshop in the Balenciaga Museum, where he showed how to create a couture dress. ION FIZ studied Fashion Design at the Basque Fashion School where he was an honors graduate, his interest in fashion and sewing is innate, from an early age he learned in the workshops of their families, they were tailors; how a garment is cut and sewn. FIZ oversees the entire process of creating his designs: from the sketch and pattern, through cutting and final preparation of each dress. FIZ has designed collections for other important masters of haute couture as Pertegaz. Among its clients we cand found the most elegant women nationally and internationally. ION FIZ collections are distributed in Spain, France, Italy, Russia, Norway, Australia, Arab Emirates and Japan. The Fashion Week Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid and ready-to-wear in Paris are some of the important appointments that comes every six months the designer. ION FIZ begins a new stage in his career from its recently opened sewing workshop in Madrid, where he receives orders from customers for Bride and couture creations and the opening of the online store: Recently, he has been awarded with the gold thimble and has debuted in “Paris Fashion Week” with its first parade in the big capital of international fashion, the only Spanish designer in presenting his Fashion Show in Paris in the month of October of 2015. Ion Fiz has recently designed the new uniforms of the multinational companies Iberdrola and McDonald’s and has presented for the first time a fashion show at Belgium Fashion Week. In 2017 he celebrated his XV Anniversary in the world of fashion at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. In 2018, the designer premiered in the costumes of performing arts, creating the costumes for the characters of the theatrical work “EL FUNERAL”, among which are two greats from the world of cinema and interpretation: Concha Velasco and Antonio Resines. This year 2019 ION FIZ receives the “ SPANISH COUTURE 2019 AWARD “ for his career, and the designer has created uniforms for the REPSOL Multinational inspired by the 12º angle of the company logo and has presented his new collection of Brides.

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